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Remodeling: How To Get What You Want From Your Bathroom

We are dedicating March to the bathroom and helping you get the bathroom you want.  Bathrooms have to work, work for you and work with you.  Getting what you want from your bathroom starts with planning.  Here is your bathroom remodeling checklistBathroom Checklist Storage is Key – Know the daily times which must be at your fingertips.  What has to be in the bathroom vs. what doesn’t.  If there is a linen closet two steps outside the bathroom door, linen’s don’t need to be stored in the bathroom.  Measure your bathroomSpace Constraints –  Even as a professional my mind’s eye can fit things into rooms which are not going to work.  This bathroom has walls which can not change so we had to be very structured with what would fit and where we had to put storage.

Measuring the space, knowing your constraints are a must.  Knowing there is or isn’t room for your dream bathtub is something you want to know before any contraction or bidding starts. Deco style double sink with no storageEfficiency Items – Do you need storage with your vanity or not?

  • The toilet is a given, but which one works for you?
  • If this is a master bedroom or shared children’s bath, which double sinks will work the best for your family?
  • Do you need a shower and a tub or will a combination work the best?

Start with what you must have.  Consider the future, especially if selling your home is part of the five year plan.  Bathrooms which might be for children, generally need a tub.  Artistic Tile ZivaTile & Surfaces – Why now, so early in the game?  Tile can be an emotional item, it has addictive qualities.  If this sounds like you, get to the tile store, fall in love, pick one or two must haves and work them into the design of the bathroom from the beginning.

Lighting – If you apply make-up or shave in front of the mirror over your sink, the wrong lighting could leave you looking hideous in daylight.

Get the right lighting for the tasks you do in the right location.  
Mr. Steam Towel WarmerComfort Items – While these may sound like luxuries to some, to others they can make or break a bathroom.  Notoriously humid climates are a great place for a towel warmer, because what it really does is dry your towels and save on the laundry bill.  If you live where the ground freezes and your bathroom is on a slab, a radiant floor is a must under tile.  

Use this checklist to your advantage.  All month we’ll be brining you ideas and products to consider for your bathroom.  When in doubt consult a designer, like myself, who is tuned into bathrooms.   We tend to be aware of what is available, can help you get what you want and avoid costly mistakes.


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7 Responses to Remodeling: How To Get What You Want From Your Bathroom

  1. these are useful tips, thanks, Lisa. the towel warmer looks like a must have, not a luxury… 🙂

  2. laura madalene

    I love the idea of a steam shower and the rustic bathroom at the end makes me want to move to the mountains! Loved this!
    Bathroom Design

  3. Thank you Laura. Steam showers are so cozy!

  4. You are so right about accurate measuring before starting. We had a last minute panic that the steam shower unit we have ordered measuring 120x120x140 might be too close to the toilet. Our builder has gained us another 3″ by embedding it into the wall but nevertheless I had a sleepless night over it.

  5. Lucky you Judy, your builder was able to get you a nice fix and you weren’t stuck with a unit which you couldn’t use.

  6. I think one of the major problems I have seen people run into is the lack of space in their bathroom. Certain adjustments can allow for more space and create a more open feeling in your bathroom as well. Thanks for the ideas and tips.

  7. You’ve got that right, bathrooms are often a tiny space required to house many tasks. Thank you for stopping by.

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