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Rock Candy for the Home by Eduardo Garza

Colorful and natural tabletop items should be fondle-worthy.  I often comment on minimizing the tabletop items and here is why:  if you are going to display something it should be FABULOUS!  Here is what belongs on a table or decorative shelving.

These wonderful items are the creation of artist Eduardo Garza.  As a person who can’t pass by a cool rock or fabulous gemstone, these immediately caught my attention.  He explained, “I have been creating decorative art using natural materials since I was a kid, but it was not until I saw one of my creations at Prince Louis Albert de Broglie’s apartment in Paris that I decided to dedicate my entire life to embellish mother nature.”

Plus I also love items with meaning.  Turquoise is said to absorb negativity.  As an added bonus, turquoise also inspires truth.  Want to know what time your son came in last night, hand him the above box and let him answer. 🙂Eduardo is deeply passionate about telling stories with beautiful things, which is exactly how a wonderful interior should play for the inhabitants.  His tabletop artwork invites attention.

Known internationally, Eduardo’s work are the perfect items for adding a pop of color to a coffee table, bookcase, hall table or a cabinet. A protector stone,  Jasper is known as both a power and warrior stone.  It will inspire courage.  It is known for loyalty and inner strength.

I love how he makes what is normally a hard item, rocks, into something engagingly soft.  Here is proof beautiful saturated colors exist in nature!Eduardo’s work can be found online and only the best shopping destinations such as Bergdorf Goodman and Harrods.  If boxes aren’t your thing, which would be impossible but just in case… he also creates faboo napkin rings “with  turquoise, jade and gold inspired in the luxurious ancient Aztec banquets that the Spanish conquerors wrote about in their letters to the Queen of Spain.” *Napkin rings have al been sold out!

I learned he also makes jewelry!  He has done custom designs for some of the world’s most stylish women.  The only words I am left with is ” I want, I want, I want”

Photos courtesy of Eduardo Garza

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