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Rule Your Family With Simple Chocolate Ice Cream

Does your family love chocolate?  Need to coerce your kids to clean their room?  Get your husband to mow the lawn or take the dog out for a poo?  If they like chocolate, this ice cream has special powers, it is just that good. IMG_2008 (594x640)There is nothing quite like the taste of really good chocolate ice cream.  It almost tastes like licking pure velvety melted chocolate, but cold.  Not gritty or grainy, no little ice crystals interrupting the flavor as it coats your mouth in chocolate goodness.  Not so hard it is chunky or so soft a straw might be a better flavor delivery method.  Good ice cream can be hard to find, especially for a chocolate connoisseurChocolateWanna know where you can find it?

In your own kitchen.   Yes, I’m talking homemade.  No worries, it is super simple.

Unlike many easy ice cream recipes this one delivers great results.  Make that better than any you’ve ever had before.  I say this having made ice cream for many years, constantly trying different recipes, different chocolates, searching for the right ratios and finally stumbling upon a recipe so good it is worth screaming about.  great chocolate ice creamThis recipe is adapted from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams (she has a book which is an enjoyable read.)   Her recipe is great, I just tweaked it a bit.

I try to keep the fat low but there is no getting around the cream, you need it otherwise the result is ice milk and yucky.  However, 2% rather than whole milk works just fine.  As much as I hate using cornstarch, it does help to keep the ice cream from getting rock hard. Ice cream makers It doesn’t matter if you use an electric or hand crank ice cream maker.  The hand crank model I’ve had for maybe 20 years, still works great. Mixing chocolate ice cream (640x480)Whatever method, this easy recipe will make any chocolate lover swoon and work like a magic wand.  Just don’t leave the recipe lying around so they can make it themselves.  Have a great weekend and rule your roost, a.k.a. make some ice cream. 🙂 Lisa sig

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