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Save Your Relationship With The Right Bedroom Lighting

Do you ever turn on the light next to your bed in the middle of the night, only to have your spouse turn over give you the hairy eyeball?  They are sleeping, you can’t so you wanna read.  What’s the big deal.  (Hey, I have to put up with occasional snoring.)  Table lamps can cause havoc in a relationship.  They spread the light rather than direct the light.

table lampThe best, or let’s say kindest light, for in bed reading is one you can manipulate directionally to spot the light exactly where you need it and not in your partner’s eyes.  Directional wall lights from Tango LightingNifty small scale bedside lighting makes the ideal personal lighting for late night reading.  Personally I like these a bit better than the traditional swing arm lamps because they are so small and unobtrusive.  Plus they allow one to direct the light exactly where needed.  I spotted these recent models at the Tango Lighting booth at ICFF.  snaik from Tango LightingEvery element doesn’t need to be some big design statement.  It is a bedside lamp, not a car, for heaven’s sake.  One does not have to turn cartwheels at the sight of it.  Which is not to diminish these wall lights from Tango.  These work for any interior decorating scheme, contemporary or traditional, it does not matter.

A bedroom light needs to be functional, purposeful and preferably not shine in your mate’s eyes while they are trying to sleep.  Be kind, get the right bedside lighting and keep the peace. 🙂  Thank you lisa

Photo via Tango Lighting

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