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Seated Furniture Buying Checklist

Time for new furniture?  Here is a handy checklist to help get to the decision making when contemplating furniture for the living room, family room or for any other area you need seating.  These are the items to figure out before you buy.

I think I need some new seating...

Here are some quick tips to help you make successful seating selections for you and your family.

  • Determine what you really need (not want, but need).
  • How many people will the area serve at once?
  • Will anyone sit on the sofa or chair to read?
  • Do all of you watch TV together or separate?
  • Do you like to lounge, slump, or sit-up straight?
  • Do you eat or drink in the room?
  • Consider the size of the major inhabitants.
  • Do you like to fluff cushions?
  • Do you like to sit in or sit on?  The difference is in cushioning.
  • Do you like your furniture to look pristine or lived in?  Ditto on the cushioning but fabric also plays a part.
  • Arm height may matter if you like to rest your head.

One very important factor to consider on every furniture purchase is will it physically fit in the room as well as through the entrance door?  I have heard numerous stories about people buying furniture and when it arrived, the delivery people couldn’t get it in.  At that point you own it, so check your dimensions.

Milling Road chairs selected after sitting on 20 others.

Quality matters.  Yes, we all like a bargain or a deal but when you are buying a piece of upholstered furniture you intend to sit on day after day in your family room, den, great room or living room… spend your money where your butt goes.  Understand what makes good upholstered furniture.  Run from staples, cardboard and particle board.

Elle Decor magazine does a nice job sharing the costs of furniture.  It is helpful to research the real cost of what you like.  Yes that often means picking out a fabric separate from a sofa but if you are going to be living with it, it may as well be what you want.  If you are really in a pickle, call an interior designer.  We are happy to help even if it is just paying for an hour of our time to send you in the right direction.

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