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Secrets To Making Summer Guest Rooms Beautiful On A Budget

Summer means travel which often translates to houseguests. If this gives you anxiety about having the perfect quest room, you needn’t worry, keep reading and you’ll learn the mind blowing easy secrets (actually it is just one).  I can’t help with irritating in-laws but I can certainly ease your guest room anxieties.Bedroom via House BeautifulThe key to a beautiful guest room is keeping it simple.  The easier it is for you, the more fabulous it will be for your guests.  Forget trying to jump through decorative hoops for the perfect matchy-matchy room.  Want a chic and luxurious guest room?  Stick with white.

  • White sheets
  • White towels
  • White furniture
  • White walls

White is gorgeous.  It is clean, pure and feels decadent.  Decorating a guest room in all white is never boring.  White is the secret to a sumptuous guest room. White bedding and towelsWhat keeps the guest experience interesting is texture.  Mixing textures gives the room style.  Select comforters or duvet covers for visual and tactile interest.  You can do the same with towels, the color may be white but an interesting pattern is apparent.  Both West Elm and The Company Store have interesting options.   Climbing into a bed with fresh white sheets will always feel special.

Decorating with white offers an abundance of choices and one doesn’t have to get all wrapped up in whether or not an item is the right color.   A white slipcover can extend the life of an old mismatching chair and keep the room coordinated.  Another benefit of using white is one can find almost anything in every price range and often on sale.

 Aaah, white makes things so easy.

White Bedroom via House and HomeI’ll even approve off-the-rack white bedroom drapery, it is summer and wispy window treatments sans lining is acceptable.  Clarification, drapery panels are okay.  Go ahead let them go all the way to the floor too.  No swags though;  just say no to the swag.  Let me see, if it rhymes with gag, bag, rag … don’t do it.

White Bedroom via PinterestA fresh coat of white paint on a garage sale find as a bedside table or found wicker lamp screams chic.  While you are at it, paint the walls white too.  Remember, repetition is luxurious.  Repeating a color over and over is comforting.

Simple and minimal furnishings and decor are welcoming.  Empty tabletops and dressers are inviting.

Make white your best buddy when it comes to decorating a guest room.  Mix textures and objects, all in white.  White is easy on the eyes, and despite what your mother said, easy to keep clean.

The magic happens when you add a (white) vase full of colorful flowers.  Forget expensive art, a colorful museum poster on the wall can become a star in this wonderful white background.

A guest bedroom is not the place to unleash your tchotchkes and indulge your home decor fantasies.  When it comes to a guest bedroom, the beg secret is under-decorate,  keep it light and white.  This will give you  a beautiful guest room on a budget. Lisa signature

 Photos: House Beautiful, Canadian House & Home, and Pinterest.


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  1. I’m thinking your guest room is ready… And maybe I should come visit!! 🙂

  2. Ha Ha, oh you should. We could have lots of fun!

    See you soon!

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