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See What An Amazing Car Enthusiast & Artist Forms From Photos

David Wiener SelfieIf you like cars, appreciate fellow car enthusiasts and delight at really good artwork, let me introduce you to David Wiener. Wait’ll you see what he can do with a photo!

He is a car guy, serial entrepreneur, photographer and artist. David’s many car related career experiences from wrenching to customizing Porsches, racing to branding for race teams, designing a home audio system for and sold by Ferrari and being a recognized sports photographer as a teenager, have come full circle in the form of his amazing limited edition fine art prints he calls Photographic Constructsdavid_wiener_art_install_at_avasisFrom an interior design perspective, this is artwork one can enthusiastically hang on the wall, not hidden in a man cave. David’s kaleidoscope-like images invite one to pause to look deeper into the piece. This is fine art photography on a whole other level. 1_David_Wiener_Art_The-Weave_Copyright2015_thumbThe precision of his photo collages are reminiscent of the symmetrical works of  M.C. Escher. From afar the viewer has one perspective, up close you may recognize interesting parts and pieces of a Ferrari or Porsche.

David Wiener Ferrari
Carrera Sky by David Weiner Fine Art

Wanna guess what this beautiful pattern is?  David shot the clouds in the sky as viewed on the roof and glass of a Porsche Carrera 4S.

To view more of David’s photographic creations or contact him on how to get one of his pieces into your home or office, check out David Wiener Art online.

Have you ever noticed how most really successful people don’t just do or focus on one thing for most of their career, they evolve? They continually achieve their goal and replace it with a new one, this is how David rolls. If you’d like to learn more about his life with both Porsche and Ferrari and his amazing ventures you can listen to Mark Greene interview David on Cars Yeah.


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