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Shopping Destination: HIVE Palm Beach

If there was ever a home interior store nirvana, you would find it at HIVE Palm Beach.  Interior designer Sara McCann of McCann Design Group has created, yes built from the ground up, what one might call retail design therapy perfection.   The time has come for a bold departure from the typical interior store.

HIVE Palm Beach

THE SPACE HIVE interiorAs designers we often try to guide clients to embrace the concepts: space is luxury along with less is more.

This simple fact is even more important when it comes to a retail store.  Don’t you hate tripping over merchandise as you try to navigate a store?

At HIVE one is guided gently through the store from vignette to vignette, given both the physical and mental space to look, see, touch, and contemplate.  Like a luxury fashion boutique on Worth Avenue, Sara’s design, with a gentle use of soft and vibrant colors makes shopping feel easy.

 A FOCUSED PATH HIVE interior frontJust like a well designed home, one enters the public living space to find chic and comfortable furnishings coordinated by a delightful approach with design accessories.  There is neither too much or too little product or furniture vying for one’s attention.

Retailers take note – a store which is easy to navigate is a winner!

A WELL APPOINTED HOME  HIVE Children's roomAs one winds through the store, you are invited to linger whether it be in the private garden, a fantasy kid’s room, dining room or enchanting kitchen to find those ah-ha items you were or did not know you were searching for.  You are inclined to move in or at least ask if they take reservations.

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE  HIVE FramesLuxury items do not always have a luxury price tag. HIVE table settingWhether hunting for the quintessential hostess gift or in the market to satisfy a personal interior design fix, HIVE offers up appropriate goods which allow you to leave knowing you’ve made the right decision.  

ABUNDANT CREATIVITY  HIVE bedroomHIVE is made up of a curated selection of stylish livable furniture, accessories, artwork, lighting, and live potted plant arrangements and luxurious personal indulgences.  Camila HelanderHIVE quotePart of the reasoning behind not having a store so chocked full of merchandise one can’t more or make a decision is their desire to offer interactive programs for their customers whether it be a simple class in floral arranging or a cooking demonstration in their state of the art working kitchen. HIVE gardenRegardless of one’s personal decor style, HIVE has something to make you swoon.   This charming store, with their quiet but effectual interior objects of delight, will have your head buzzing full of interior ideas and like bees to honey, will keep drawing you back.


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4 Responses to Shopping Destination: HIVE Palm Beach

  1. Next time I go to PB I will definitely stop by this place- it looks like they know how to mix it up well. Very nice aesthetic….

  2. Looks like a fantastic store, great style and wonderful vignettes!

  3. Gorgeous store, thank you for stopping by the blog. 🙂

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