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Simply Stunning LED Chandeliers

From commercial powerhouses like Sylvania and Cooper Lighting who focus on energy efficiency and low life cycle costs for the corporate world to extraordinary light fixtures by Joel Berman Glass Studios and Lalique, LED technology is lamping everything.

In person this was so beautiful.

Look at this awesome acrylic fixture from Joel Berman Glass Studios.  Imagine this light fixture over a dining room table or kitchen island.  From a design perspective LEDs are much simpler to use because they take up less space and heat isn’t an issue.   This would be super heavy in glass!   Because of LED’s they can use acrylic (Berman Resin) as a glass replacement.  Without LED the acrylic would possibly melt or yellow from the heat of another light source.  Of course this fixture is customizable to different lengths.

The world renowned French glassmaker Lalique (Cristal Lalique) has infused LEDs into their new Champ-Elysees Cristalight light fixtures.  OMG this was gorgeous!  It comes in sconces and as “stylized leafy branch” for the wall or ceiling.  FYI this is the real thing made by Lalique not what you might find on the web searching for Lalique Lighting.  Check out the Lalique based blog for great information on the new and old company.

Lalique offers crystal falling leaves...

If Lalique will use it…clearly all those techno-phobes eager to scare people away from new technology by suggesting the color temperature or light quality of an LED is substandard to what an incandescent or fluorescent will provide are 1000% wrong.

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2 Responses to Simply Stunning LED Chandeliers

  1. That Lalique falling leaves piece is gorgeous! I’d never heard of that company before, so thanks for the intro!

  2. You are welcome. 🙂 They also had sconces in the single leaves which were quite wonderful as well.

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