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Souvenir Shopping For Home Decor

Summer is for travel, fun, relaxing and surprising discoveries.  While we’ve moved on from the trinkety souvenirs of adolescence, the guilty pleasure of bringing home a home decor object we’ve uncovered while on vacation allows us to relive our travels again and again.  Vacations make the perfect time to accessory shop for your home.  Art fairs, antique markets, local craft fairs are a treasure chest of purposeful souvenirs.

  • Arm yourself with a list of needs for the empty spaces in your home
  • Note necessary size constraints
  • Note particular colors or bring along a snip of fabric or paint color to match

Having a simple shopping list saves time and money wandering around looking for “stuff.”  This keeps your accessorizing purposeful rather than a mish-mash of what will later be known as clutter.   Shopping for items you actually need makes the hunt all the more enjoyable when you stumble on the perfect item.  Perfect guest bedroom “filler” chair – it serves as art and handcrafted seating. For saturated clear colors, it is hard to beat glass art.  These could work in a girl’s room, powder room or even a kitchen. Isn’t this footstool glorious?  Textile art which is purposeful and visually stimulating!  Handcrafted ceramics or pottery items make for artful accessories in a bookcase or tabletop. A few of these tiles on a bold colored wall as your own dramatic art installation would be irresistible.  Talk about special, nobody else you know will have it.

Photo albums are nice, but really who looks at them?  It is much more enjoyable to have something on a shelf or a wall as a reminder of your tips and instantly viewable each time you pass by.  Home accessories serve a purpose in a room to add interest, texture, create flow and inspire conversation.  Finding the right item on your travels may require a little hunting but this only adds to the memories and story you can tell.

Happy hunting! – Lisa

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