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Spend Money on the Wardrobe not the Closet

It’s not how much you spend on your closet, it is about saving money on it for what is going to go in it.  Custom closets look fabulous.  The walls of cabinetry, amble bins and shoe shelves make almost any girl (or fashionable guy) weak in the knees.   With a few dollars and a little ingenuity you can create your own custom closet for less than a fraction of one pair of shoes from the new Jimmy Choo ICONS collection.

via Jimmy Choo

When it comes to style and functionality on a budget there is only one real answer, IKEA.  Sure they have closet offerings but with a bit of fearless ingenuity,  mine their other storage options for your own custom closet.

This closet shows two black BILLY bookcases at $79.99 each and two white EXPEDIT bookcases at $129.00 each.  BILLY bookcases are the just right for shoes and EXPEDIT will fit sweaters, shirts, tees, and is perfect for showcasing a handbag collection.  (A Birkin will fit.)  With just IKEA bookcases you can create custom closet heaven.  Black and white options are the perfect background for wardrobe display.  Cedar closet lining is tacked to the reverse side of the EXPEDIT shelves to keep away any cashmere crunching insects.

Faking a custom closet is fashionable, fakes in a closet are not.  Closets are personal.  Why not create a custom closet on a budget and have money left over for the good stuff.  Invest in the goods not the closet.  For more creative wardrobe ideas check out IKEA Hackers.

What are your favorite ways to customize your closet?

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