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Spin Ceramics Has 5 Gift Ideas For Design Lovers

Spin CeramicsDuring gift giving season the design obsessed can be the hardest to buy for.  What is cool but not kitchy?  What is stylish yet useful?  We’ve found five unique ideas from Spin Ceramics which are perfect for any design lover on your list.

Many people associate porcelain or fine Chinese ceramics with antique dishes which other than for a wedding gift, it isn’t always so useful or lets face it, cool.  Spin Ceramics goes beyond mere dishes and offers a new turn on modern porcelain fashioned with traditional methods  perfect for holiday gift giving.

When Is A Vase Not Just A Vase?

Water Bag Vase from Spin CeramicsWhen it is functional artwork.

12 Faces Vases from Spin CeramicsWhen it makes you giggle.

When Is A Bowl Not Just A Bowl?

Lotus Bowls from Spin CeramicsWhen it you can’t choose between which way it looks better, used or stored, it makes interesting sculpture.

When is tea not relaxing?  

In Fascination Tea Set from Spin CeramicsWhen it makes you want to dance.

When are fallen leaves not a mess?  

Wu-tong Leaf Plates from Spin CeramicsWhen scattered about a table they can become serving pieces or home decor.

Spin Ceramics has an inspirational showroom on Crosby Street in New York City or you can order directly from their website.

It can be hard to find an interesting gift which has style and is useful and when we found five great gifts from one location we were thrilled to let you in on it.  Either to give as gifts or selfishly because I might have a ceramic and porcelain fetish, I am bowled over by the beautiful porcelains from Spin Ceramics, I hope you are too.


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