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Spring Color Scheming Via Pierre Frey

Color schemes can be easy to put together if you start with the right tools.  When starting a room from scratch one of the nicest ways to begin is with inspiration.  Inspiration can come from many places: art, surroundings, a rug, nature or a fabric.   Let’s take a little journey on how to create a color scheme.

Fresh new fabric always enhances my day, especially when full of lively colors like the new line from Pierre Frey.   So let’s get started with an inspirational fabric.  How’s this for happy?One can use this inspirational fabric as acolor key for an entire room.  The shimmery embroidery offers lots of color options on the neutral ground.  Pull one color, a few or center your focus on shades of a couple. Pierre Frey does this with a couple of interesting options.  First, the focus could shift to red-violets and green from the inspiration fabric and then go one section further on the color wheel to violets (purples). Another option would be to shift the focus to blues and blue-greens. Admittedly in real life this last one comes off a bit brighter but my photo editing software was not giving me what I wanted no mater how I manipulated it.

Now these are only two of the dozen or more directions one could take starting with one inspirational fabric as the color key.  The thing is to play up and focus on the colors you enjoy in a particular inspirational fabric.  Don’t get mired in the one or possibly two colors you don’t like, remember rooms are like a good movie.  Focus on a star, use a few supporting pieces and the rest are just background and scenery – but they all work together to create a great picture.

Pierre Frey Fabrics in order: Mojito – Multicolore, Yucatan – fuschia,  Angelina – fuschia, Yucatan – Vert, and Voyages – Curacao.

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