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Spring Into Outdoor Rooms

Outdoor rooms have taken on a whole new meaning in the last few years.  They used to be just the patio, backyard or deck where one placed a couple of outdoor chairs (often of the folding variety) had a picnic table and possibly a grill.  Today they have become a serious outdoor living space requiring all the thought and planning of an interior room.   During the month of April we are going to feature posts related to outdoor living.It was hard to pick just one inspiration room for this month since outdoor living spaces can serve so many purposes, so we picked two, the one above and the following photo.  Our criteria was simple, does it make one want to be there?  Great outdoor rooms are relaxing and have enough visual excitement to promote interest but not so much one can’t drift away. 

This month we will talk about outdoor living and dining rooms, hot outdoor fabrics, the keys to a perfect outdoor space and much more.  Here’s hoping the warm weather keeps coming and the wool sweaters are behind us. 🙂

Photos:  1. by Ted Yarwood via Canadian House and Home.  2.  by Cerrar via Nuevo Estilo

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