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Start the Christmas Party at the Front Door

Last week after Thanksgiving, my nephew and I strolled around the neighborhood arm in arm rating holiday decorations on a scale of 1 -10.   I was amazed at what a 13 year old understands about balance when it comes to design.  We noted whether the decorations were too much, too little, well coordinated, interesting and inviting which is how I arrived at today’s post.  The most important part of exterior holiday decorations involve the front door area.  Entertaining season is here.  Its time to open our homes to friends and family for joyful get-togethers.  Nothing says “come on in and have fun,” like a well decorated front door area.  A festive atmosphere outside sets the stage for fun on the inside. 

I love how using three wreaths on a simple ribbon make this front door special.  One would have been ho-hum.

Regardless of geographical location a well decorated front door area makes people smile.  Southern regions have their own way of decorating with lots of fresh leafy greenery, florals and fruits.  In the North we rely more on evergreens and winter inspired themes with sleds, snowshoes or skis.  Whatever your locale, make it festive and light it well with simple spots or holiday lights.

On an interesting note, even a 13 year old favored simple over elaborate.  He cared a great deal about balancing both sides and not leaving obvious holes.  Make it exciting but not complex.  Put your guests in a festive mood before they walk in.  What is your favorite way to decorate the front door area for the holidays?

Photos via: homedesignlatest.com, CORE Architect, photos 3 & 4 Martha Stewart.com, Coastal Living Magazine, and Southern Living

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2 Responses to Start the Christmas Party at the Front Door

  1. Decor Arts Now

    The last image is my favorite. I am such a country girl deep down!

  2. Lisa M Smith

    Ya know, I agree with you. There is something about that cabin-y, homey, winter-y simple look that just makes you say, ahh now this feels like Christmas.

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