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Start With Great Shelving

Whenever someone is on the cusp of a remodeling project and are at odds on where to start, I suggest one start with storage.  The best designed interiors begin with a well organized space.  This type of organization is a product of bookshelves and storage cabinetry, storage with personality and charm.   These are pieces of interior architecture which can render a room a pass or fail. Dining storage via ADWhy start with shelving?  If it is built in, and the best ones are, a simple bookcase can transform the entire layout of a room.  The storage wall in this dining room is functional art.  A built-in unit creates a distinctive feature which can add interest and value to a home.  item4.rendition.slideshowVertical.arsl05_floydOpen storage and display makes for a very elegant room divider.   This open hallway is completely transformed with a gentle curve. EDC070112Sandra_Lee06-625-lgn photo by Eric Piasecki Home office via Interiors MagazineHome office or library? Determine what needs to be stored or displayed and this will help the design evolve into one which is useful. Daybed Shelves via Interiors MagazineCreate a reading niche with a built-in daybed. under roofline shelving via Interiors MagazineOpportunities exist in an attic space or other room which falls under a sloped roof line to tuck in shelves and storage. Scan_Pic0069 (768x1024)These corner bookshelves (source unknown) are one of my favorite ways to cozy up a space.  Corners can often be a dead spot, especially in a large open room.  Shelving adds architectural interest and transforms the area into useable space.

The next time you are thinking about remodeling or giving a room a make-over consider starting with shelving or other storage.  When thinking about the cost of calling the carpenter and designer, remember built-ins add value to a home.   Ever notice how people ooh and ahh over Craftsman style homes?  It is all about the built-in storage.   Home buyers love great built-ins.  The most attractive way to transform the typical box-like room is with great shelving. Lisa sigPhotos: 1 & 2 – Architectural Digest,  3 – Elle Decor, and 4 – 6 Interiors Magazine.

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