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Stick It To Boring Dorm Room Walls

College dorms offer a great life lesson when it comes to decor: a great room is not built around a paint color.  In many dorms the wall options are sugary white or creamy vanilla, period.  No painting allowed.  Turn this into an advantage by using colorful wall decals.

Walls Need Love allows you to create stunning wall art.  Wall decals are big easy-to-apply, easy-to-remove stickers for transforming boring walls into something personal and exciting.  Start with a graphic pattern, letters or bold shapes then pick your colors and dorm room walls become your personal canvas.  Showcase your spirit with Greek Letters or school colors.  I love the option of picking your own colors.  This Alpha Chi in black is much more decor friendly than the red and green sorority colors. I liked my colors, but I would have never done a room in red and green.  Wall decals provide endless options for creativity.Another room decor life lesson: DIY is very gratifying!

There are numerous wall decal companies online but I’ve used Walls Need Love and have been very happy with their products.  Plain walls can serve as the perfect background to fun and vibrant colors.  Go from blah to yah, in minutes.

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