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Summer Travel to Mackinaw Island

How did August get here so fast?  Weren’t the leaves just unfurling?

I’m going to make the most of these final weekends and spend every one outdoors because we’ll be inside soon enough.  Besides who can’t use a little less time with all our electronics.

Here is an afternoon view in Northern Michigan, while sitting by the fire-pit.  Okay so I used an iPad for the picture – I didn’t sit there and surf the internet.

How are you spending your final weekends of the season?  Traveling?  Here are some pictures of a summer venture to Mackinaw Island at the “tip of the mitt” of Northern Michigan.

View from the ferry ride to the island.

If you’ve never been, it is worth the visit.  Reach the island by ferry or plane, but don’t forget your walking shoes as no cars are allowed.  This is the perfect place to bring the kids and bikes (plenty to rent too).  It is about history, horse and buggies, fudge, t-shirts, and gift shops.  Kids absolutely love it.  It is a theme park without the themepark, no noisy rides or blinking lights.  Good, clean, natural, American fun.

Mackinaw Island is definitely a family place but for adults there are also the beautiful gingerbread cottages, gorgeous gardens and of course my favorite the Grand Hotel.  Built in 1887 as a destination of famous movie stars and Presidents but also us regular people.  It serves as a great reminder of the way things were.  People recognize it as the hotel from the movie Somewhere In Time with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve.

Ever the lover of historic buildings I of course appreciate the opportunity to see the work of one of my favorite interior designers, Carleton Varney from the renown Dorothy Draper & Co.  His use of intense colors serve to enhance this wonderful historic hotel.

Original rules regarding appropriate attire. Can we bring these back?

Having grown up in Northern Michigan and visiting for the first time at age 15 with my childhood crush (now husband), I can tell you not much has changed.  The shops and eateries are different but the charm is the same.  For some it is a once in a lifetime visit and for others they come back time and time again.   If you’ve never been I’d encourage you to see it at least once especially with children.

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