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Supercars and Vintage Curves From Classic Sports Sunday

The Annual Classic Sports Sunday Concours event offers a lovely mix of hot new supercars and gleaming vintage automobiles from the glory days of automobiles.  Supercars and Vintages cars from Classic Sports SundayHosted at Mar-A-Lago, Donald Trump’s posh Palm Beach club, one steps onto the terrace which unveils the ultimate garden of very special cars.

The Hothouse Specimens – Vintage Supercars  DuesenbergA glorious Duesenberg. Auburn boat tail speedsterThis Auburn Boat Tail Speedster was the supercar of its day. SteyrWe are going to get up close and very personal with this Steyr in the near future.  Stay tuned.

The Cutting Garden – Ferraris   Fleet of Vintage FerrarisA field of stunning vintage Ferraris, both racing and touring as far as they eye can see.Ferrari 330 GTCAn award winning Ferrari 330 GTC is always a sharp car, especially in pozzi blue.

The English Garden – Rolls-Royce and Bentley

1958 Rolls-Royce SilvercloudWith a body only a mother could love, this 1958 Rolls-Royce Silvercloud might be one of the few Rolls I would not want.   While it has lots of distinct details, for me it is not pretty car.  Bentley BadgesWell, I am a Bentley gal at heart. 1931 Bentley 8 litre Short1951 Bentley Continetal R The Seedings – Modern Supercars Pagani HuayraThe Pagani Huayra in all full carbon fibre glory got lots of attention.  But check out the noisemaker…Pagani Huayra workingsNice exhaust system, eh?

Ferrari F12According to Budd Root of Ferrari Palm Beach, the new Ferrari F12‘s are selling before they ever hit a showroom floor. Interior of Ferrari F12Here is a thru-the-window photo of a custom turquoise leather interior on a just delivered F12Vintage cars from Classic Sports SundayPretty nice for a day in the life of smelling the roses, automotive style.


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