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Surprise On The Ceiling in a Tiny Bathroom

Oh what to do with this tiny bathroom?  Small rooms can be more challenging to decorate than big ones and in the case of this little powder room there is barely enough room to turn around.   The walls were done, the custom tile floor which I installed on my own hands and knees is perfection but, there was still an issue with the ceiling. The stylish duct tape and plastic ceiling medallion covers an old fan which was too troublesome to remove without creating a mess.  This is a powder room in a public space,  nobody is going to need a fan (a.k.a take a poo) while at a party.  While not a fan of the textured ceiling , we often have to live with it… or not.

The ceiling needed something so I decided to cover the whole area with a painted canvas.  If it is good enough for a 18th century castle, it is good enough for my tiny bathroom ceiling.  The white ceiling definitely had to go. The wallcovering in this room is an iridescent purple-blue which changes based on one’s vantage point.  There was no way to exactly match it, through a combination of acrylic colors and glazes the background was close enough.  In person, there is much more depth. Pulling colors from the floor tiles I painted one of my Beads and Pearls from my Dots 3.0 Series paintings for the ceiling on a 4ft square canvas.  Getting an idea of how small this room is? Painted canvas before installation.I installed wood spacers to support the “frame” I created to allow the canvas to float in place. Photography is not my forte… but I hope this gives you a little slice of how to hide an ugly bathroom ceiling in a creative way.  Rooms are more comfortable when the walls and ceiling are close or match in color.   This tiny bathroom is a new little gem by creating what I often call a “hug” of color

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4 Responses to Surprise On The Ceiling in a Tiny Bathroom

  1. Lisa Mende Design

    This turned out amazingly!!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you Lisa! Must say, I am pretty happy with it. I appreciate your kind words!


  3. Thank you! I appreciate you stopping by.

    Decor Girl

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