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Designer’s Bathroom Makeover Remodel: From Ugly to Spa

We’ve remodeled a dated 1978 bathroom and given it a complete ugly to spa makeover. Designer shares how to makeover a bathroom on a budget.

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#1 Must Have In A Bathroom – Do Not Forget

Any bathroom built prior to 10 years ago is likely missing the comfortable amount of electric outlets for today’s bathroom needs.

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Design Projects: Secrets to Stress Free Bathroom Remodeling

Get the tips to achieving a stress free remodeling project. How to get through your bathroom remodel on time and within budget.

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Remodeling: How To Get What You Want From Your Bathroom

This simple bathroom checklist will help steer you towards getting what you want from your bathroom.

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Great Bathrooms Start With Inspiration

Kicking off bathroom month at DecorGirl.net here is our bathroom and powder room inspiration rooms.

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