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Black, White & Gray – The New Fall Interior Palette

Inspired by 2013 fashion runway looks, a fresh look at traditional colors is hot in interiors. This palette is neither male or female but works for both.

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Color Is The Begining and End of a Room

From the moment our eye’s initially flutter open until our head is back on the pillow and our eyelids close, color is the first and last thing we see every day in our home.  For some their choice it is … Read More

Spring Color Scheming Via Pierre Frey

How to create an interior color scheme for a room based on an inspirational fabric from Pierre Frey.

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Legalized Holiday Snooping

Holidays are a great time for interior research and exploration. If you are visiting others take advantage of this opportunity for some legalized snooping.

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Let Tile Lead Your Interior Design

How to create a coordinated interior by starting with decorative tile. Select the hard, unchangeable elements first. Why interior design belongs at beginning of project.

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How to Create a Color Scheme Around Tile

To create a beautiful space one has start with a color key and build a color scheme. Follow the process building a scheme from a decorative tile.

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How to Work With Color in the Home

Deviating from the color key or worse, not having one to start with, is where interior design goes bad. This is how designers guarantee beautiful interiors.

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Where to get Interior Design Inspiration

Interior design inspiration can come from anywhere. Look to past creations whether natural or man-made. Nature has the best color palettes.

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Gemstones Are The Interior Color Trends Going Into Fall

Oooh I’ve been salivating over all the new fabric and wallcovering offerings in fabulous yummy colors.  Just because the economy may be iffy doesn’t mean interiors need to be dull and hum drum – quite the opposite.  Walking in the … Read More

What Color Do I Paint The Front Door?

A front door color needs to relate the landscape, other interior or exterior colors. Front doors say “welcome” and offer a hint to the homeowner’s personality.

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