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Tag Archives: contemporary art

The Butt In The Air Chair

Art is all up to interpretation, here artist Peter Harvey gives us his tongue-and-cheek view of seating. Read More

Does This Chair Make My Butt Look Big?

In the hands of artist Lila Jang, one might conclude furniture is more a matter of sculpture and beauty, forget the function. Read More

The Color Process of a Contemporary Painting

If you love color this is just for you. Artist Lisa M. Smith shares process of creating a contemporary abstract painting from start to finish. Read More

The Decor Girl Had a Vision in Blue

Here is what happens when once combines art, design and cars. The world’s cutest Mini. Read More

Artsy Fartsy Friday – The Roadmap

Vibrant artwork from Lisa M. Smith created by forming topographical texture on canvas which manipulates the movement of color as it makes a path to represent people in our lives. Read More

Art Placement In The Home

Interview with professional framer and art installer reveals helpful tips for placing art in a home regardless of budget. Read More