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Want Neighborhood Envy? This Tile Parquet Floor Delivers

Homes today often lack personality and soul. A Tansu stone mosaic parquet floor delivers classic style and neighborhood envy.

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Dekton: A New Surface Material To Rock Your World

Get to know the revolutionary new surface material for your home. Dekton is a new interior/exterior surface for countertops, flooring, cladding & more.

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Cork Floors Demystified

Cork’s natural resilience and durability make it a spectacular floor material for both residential and commercial use. Cork floor have many benefits.

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Interactive Floor Tiles By LiquidMotion

Fun and funky liquid filled tiles by LiquidMotion can bring an interior to life, literally. They actually change their look as one walks across them. Sort of like a lava lamp on the floor.

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Green Flooring Choices For Home Remodeling

Two green flooring options which are well priced and beautiful.

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Cool Wood Flooring… Very Cool!

For those who like the wide plank hand-hewn look but want to avoid the warping, gaps, cutting down trees, and splinters Earthly Elements is your product from Mannington Commercial.

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