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How To Make Your Own Seashell Christmas Trees

Making seashell Christmas trees is an easy holiday DIY project. This is one of the coolest way to use seashells in your home decor, they can stay after Xmas.

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#1 Secret To Stellar Holiday Decorating

This one DIY holiday decor tip I’m about to lay on you might be my very best. It is inexpensive, easy, tasteful, effortless and has the wow factor.

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Top 10 Don’ts & Dos For Christmas Decorating

Five things one shouldn’t do and five things to make holiday decorations easy and beautiful.

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Start the Christmas Party at the Front Door

Nothing says “come on in and have fun,” like a well decorated front door area. Set the scene for a festive atmosphere before guests enter the home.

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How to Dress the Holiday Table for Impact

Is the dinner about the food or the plates or the decor? For holiday dinners it is important to feature the food not overdecorate the table.

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Holiday Interior Decorations To Start Early

Walking into a home filled with containers of stately amaryllis or the beckoning scent of paperwhites says holiday time. DIY holiday flowers are easy.

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