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Are You Using Enough C-Words In Your Home?

While people may choose a different home decor style our rooms need to speak with clarity, no mincing words. Here is how to make your interiors work.

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Delightful Editing Is An Interior Designer’s Beauty Secret

We often add more to fix a problem when removing would get us closer to interior nirvana. Pleasing interiors are all about the editing.

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Souvenir Shopping For Home Decor

Summer is for travel, fun, relaxing and surprising discoveries.  While we’ve moved on from the trinkety souvenirs of adolescence, the guilty pleasure of bringing home a home decor object we’ve uncovered while on vacation allows us to relive our travels … Read More

Home Decor On Sale

Internet sale sites for discounted interior design and home decor items from full sized 100% wool rugs, furniture, lighting, accessories and more.

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