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The Great Interior Design Hoax

This single pice of designer-speak literally makes my skin crawl. Lets’ be real, it is complete BS!

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Exciting Inspiration Room from Lucy and Company

All month our focus in on kid rooms. The days of recycling yet another cartoon character or the ole princess theme are OVER.

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4 Items to Consider Before You Plunk Down Cash On A Sofa

Major furniture is not an impulse purchase, it can be but the results won’t be pleasurable. Four must know items before buying a sofa.

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Great Bathrooms Start With Inspiration

Kicking off bathroom month at DecorGirl.net here is our bathroom and powder room inspiration rooms.

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How To Compare Wood Flooring

Hardness, appearance and cost are determining factors when it comes to wood and bamboo flooring. Know what you are getting before you buy.

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Hip Color Schemes For Kids and Teens

Color schemes designed to grow with a child, allowing personal tweaks to particular colors while allowing rooms to be their own personal refuge.

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Achieve Closet Nirvana With 5 Closet Makeover Tips

Five easy tips to create closet nirvana in a matter of hours.

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Bedroom Decor Lost In Time

Bedrooms are one of the most likely locations for out of date decor. Learn how to easily update the bedroom.

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Use A Rug To Kickstart Your Room Colors

Color schemes can be super easy if you start with a great rug.   Since an area rug is often such a large piece using a patterned one as the basis of a room color scheme will result in a completely … Read More

Essentials of a Well Designed Bedroom

A wonderful bedroom is a retreat, a place to relax and unwind from the day. Learn the easy essentials for great bedroom design.

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