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A Home Interior Should Showcase Your Good Side

If the eyes are the window to the soul, the home interior can be a billboard to one’s personality. Decorate to show your good side not your bad side. Read More

Are You Making This Huge Decorating Mistake?

Years of haphazard decorating can leave us with interiors which don’t work or are unattractive. This will get you on track to a great interior. Read More

Delightful Editing Is An Interior Designer’s Beauty Secret

We often add more to fix a problem when removing would get us closer to interior nirvana. Pleasing interiors are all about the editing. Read More

Decorating In Pairs

Decorate in pairs; it makes decorating easy and looks wonderful. Regardless of how much you spend the result is rich! Read More

Bedroom Decor Lost In Time

Bedrooms are one of the most likely locations for out of date decor. Learn how to easily update the bedroom. Read More

How to Dress the Holiday Table for Impact

Is the dinner about the food or the plates or the decor? For holiday dinners it is important to feature the food not overdecorate the table. Read More

Interior Designer Q&A: Size, Style, and Color Palette

Interior designer answers popular How-To questions on room size, color, choosing a style and decorating. Great tips to use for any home. Read More

Top 10 Interior Design Mistakes

Avoid 10 common interior design mistakes. Anytime there is an issue with home decor one or more of these 10 items are consistently the cause of the issue. Read More

Decorating – 4 Tricks For Selecting Paint Color

Tricks for picking the right paint color. The unwritten rule of how to decorate. Read More

How To Create Wonderful Interior Color Schemes

The easiest way to achieve the perfectly coordinated home is to begin with a color key. Using a color key keeps one from making mindless selections and creating “visual vomit” with poorly chosen colors. Read More