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30 Smart Home Spending Hacks You Need To Know

Getting ready to remodel or decorate? We’ve made a list of 30 home spending hacks, real remodeling do’s and don’ts you need to know, before you write the check!

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Look At The Faces Of Newport’s Gilded Mansions

The faces of gilded age mansions had nothing to do with their owners. A century ago, faces were trending as a decorative element in interior design.

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What Is An Interior Trend To Embrace?

Learn what makes an interior trend real or a fake and what trends are worth your money. Read More

Interior Trends From Milan: The Good, Bad and Yes, Please

In keeping with tradition our first post after a trade show always covers the good and the bad interior products.   How boring or typical would it be to only cover the “look at the great stuff” type of post? … Read More

Interior Trend: Rock On With Malachite

Malachite has made a resurgence in interiors in the last few years. Here is how to have malachite in your interior without spending a small fortune.

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Interior Goodies & Trends I Fell In Love With In Cologne

Love the new furniture & lighting finds from IMM Cologne Interior Furnishings Show. New interior trends are doable and without a date stamp.

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Interior Geometry Requires No Math

Geometric patterns make a space add up without the need for a calculator. Their predictability can bring order and balance to an interior.

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Every Interior Needs Tufting

As seen on Rachel Zoe Project, a piece of tufted furniture can fit into any interior style. Tufting is classic yet modern, traditional yet contemporary.

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Lastest Insider Scoop on Interior Fabric Colors

New color is here for home interiors. Get the latest scoop on interior colors, fabrics never seen before in the USA from Zinc Textile.

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