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Top 5 Traits Of A Successful New House Build

We are almost finished with a successful new home build, here are the five traits which made this a good experience for everyone. Read More

Floor Plans For Enjoyable Entertaining

Designing a floor plan which allows people to congregate and involve themselves in intimate conversations is what sets the stage for a fabulous evening.

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Be Thankful If Your Closet Isn’t Too Big

Making a closet too big might require a call to your accountant.

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Bed Location is Vital For Good Sleeping

Having the correct bedroom environment is essential to a good night’s sleep. So how do we get this right? By following some simple principles of Feng Shui.

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Interior Decor Dissection

This room by interior designer Frank Webb illustrates the use of many of the design elements crucial to good design. The room was designed to look easy.

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Cheat Sheet for Effective Home Interior Space Planning

Good space planning is a key to creating a comfortable home. Use this cheat sheet for basic space requirements to usable furniture arrangements.

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Spring Planning – Garage Storage

Garage storage doesn’t need to be an endless project. The one-size-fits-all retail approach work never works. Organizational pros at Closet Factory do it right.

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