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Travel: Visit The Broad In Los Angeles

The Broad, the newest museum of contemporary art in Los Angeles is a must-see delight for anyone visiting the area.

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Profile In Creativity: Art By Dave Danchuk

Art by Dave Danchuck causes one to pause and think, how did he do that? Wildly creative and supremely colorful these are not just paintings.

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Don’t Run Into The BMW On The Garage Door

Take a look at an interesting garage door I found in Dallas, but don’t run into it or the owner’s pug. Creativity with a garage door.

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For the Love of Glass – Part 2

Back in the glass blowing studio with Shayna Roth Pentecost…  you’ll recall two weeks ago I showed you the process of making these gorgeous glass paperweights in For the Love Of Glass – Part 1.  Now, lets watch the choreography … Read More

The Decor Girl Had a Vision in Blue

Here is what happens when once combines art, design and cars. The world’s cutest Mini.

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Blue Is Fabulous For Home Interiors

Blue is a universal color, which makes it a very easy color to incorporate into interiors. This is one color which is always fabulous in an interior.

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Interiors – Avoid The 7 Mistakes When Hanging Artwork

Professional art installer gives insight on mistakes homeowners make when hanging artwork and how to avoid them. Learn the secret number to solve the height issue.

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Art Placement In The Home

Interview with professional framer and art installer reveals helpful tips for placing art in a home regardless of budget.

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Color Schemes, Art and Home Decorating Require Same Discipline

Color Schemes, Art and Home Decor seem loosely related but to produce each of them well involves restraint. Four guidelines to get it right.

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Timeless Art by Oren Sherman Makes Interiors Wonderful

Artist Oren Sherman creates beautiful limited edition high quality prints which are also wallet friendly and work in any interior traditional to modern.

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