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How To Make A Bedroom Restful In 5 Easy Steps

The goal of a bedroom is to promote rest, make this the focus of your decorating efforts with five steps to make a bedroom restful.

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Top 10 Interior Finds From 2012

Here are the top 10 interior items from 2012 and the corresponding posts which go with them.

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How To Give Kid Rooms A Grown Up Attitude

Here is how to create chic kid rooms which can grow with your child. Clever bedroom decorating ideas from nursery through teen.

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How Does Mom Cope When Kids are off to College?

Create a new young adult bedroom/guest suite. This is an excellent project to busy mom with as well as a wonderful welcome home when the child does come home.

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Upholstered Walls Are More Than Just Pretty

Upholstered walls have useful characteristics beyond adding a dimension and beauty to a wall which makes it one of the most special wall treatments for a home.

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Easiest Possble Color Schemes – Part 2

Fail proof interior design tips for creating beautiful easy color scheme. Have the home decor you want in your colors.

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