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Snapshot of The Textures of Milan

Texture is still on trend for interiors in design. BlogTourMilan editors capture inspiration from all around Milan and iSalone. Read More

The Butt In The Air Chair

Art is all up to interpretation, here artist Peter Harvey gives us his tongue-and-cheek view of seating.

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House Snooping in Red and Blue

Charming red and blue house behind a wall in Palm Beach.

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Lets Take The Bus Again

The GM Futureliner is a model of fantastic design.

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Not Found In The Produce Isle – The Veggie Ferrari

Quite possibly the ugliest Ferrari on the road.

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Nostalgic Art and Design Along Route 66

Travel today along Historic Route 66 uncovers wonderful architecture and design. There is ample proof along Route 66 that when hand drawing ruled people were incredibly creative.

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Yes, You Need a New Thermostat

The Nest thermostat starts the next wave in got to have it home gadgetry. Finally an easy to use utilitarian item we all need which isn’t ugly!

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The Decor Girl Had a Vision in Blue

Here is what happens when once combines art, design and cars. The world’s cutest Mini.

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