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Furnishing The Modern Dining Room Is Fun!

We want our dining rooms to be fun and enjoyable, not stuffy and uptight. The right furniture makes all the difference. Read More

Components of The Modern Dining Room

Today’s dining rooms are fun and functional for today’s families, not a rarely used room full of furniture.

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Four Elements Of A Great Dining Room

Dining rooms/spaces are about food, family, friends and functionality – not four serious walls. Here is what it takes to make the room work.

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Upholstered Walls Are More Than Just Pretty

Upholstered walls have useful characteristics beyond adding a dimension and beauty to a wall which makes it one of the most special wall treatments for a home.

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Interior Design – Create The Perfect Dining Room 2

With the right table, seating, lighting and floorcovering it is easy to create the perfect dining room.

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Easiest Possble Color Schemes – Part 2

Fail proof interior design tips for creating beautiful easy color scheme. Have the home decor you want in your colors.

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Entertaining: How many can sit at a table?

It is never fun to sit packed together at a table with no room to eat. Here are some quick tips to calculating table size and how much room one needs at the table.

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