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The Butt Tested And Visually Appealing Recliner

Finally an attractive recliner to end all marital decorating discord. Comfortable for him and stylish for her.

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BlogTour Proved Interiors Still Need Texture

The trend for interiors with texture is here to stay.  The beauty of vising a European trade show is the ability to nab trends which will infiltrate our homes  5-10 years from now. In this age of less is more … Read More

Decorating In Pairs

Decorate in pairs; it makes decorating easy and looks wonderful. Regardless of how much you spend the result is rich!

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Best 6 Inviting Living Room Sofas

Living rooms sofas need to look good and invite one to sit down. Here are six which promise comfort and style.

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The Butt In The Air Chair

Art is all up to interpretation, here artist Peter Harvey gives us his tongue-and-cheek view of seating.

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Decor From The King Of Bling – Tony Duquette

If your interior needs of something a bit special a piece from Baker Furniture’s selected works of Tony Duquette might be just what you are looking for.

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How to Create a Sense of Calm in an Interior

Calm comes from limiting the effort needed to use, visually navigate or understand a space.

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Does This Chair Make My Butt Look Big?

Sometimes one looks at a chair and wonder what were they thinking. Did the designer sit in the chair? Is it comfortable or can a normal person sit comfortably and not look, well a bit odd? Here are some we question.

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Time for Seating Equality in the Living Room

Tired of having to design around the man recliner? Women deserve to put their feet up and lounge too with their favorite, a chaise.

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Bold Geometrics for Interiors are Here to Stay

Geometrics have proven themselves as timeless additions to any home decor. They add order and history to even the most contemporary of interiors.

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