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30 Smart Home Spending Hacks You Need To Know

Getting ready to remodel or decorate? We’ve made a list of 30 home spending hacks, real remodeling do’s and don’ts you need to know, before you write the check!

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#1 Secret To Stellar Holiday Decorating

This one DIY holiday decor tip I’m about to lay on you might be my very best. It is inexpensive, easy, tasteful, effortless and has the wow factor.

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ICFF 2014 Recap: The Good, The Bad And The Highly Creative

Every year Decor Girl offers a recap of the ICFF show. This years highlights include the good, the bad and the creative items from the 2014 show.

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Go For The Lighting To Be Seen and Appreciated

Beautiful interior lighting is like the icing on a cake, while you don’t always need it, a room can be magically transformed by the addition of a spectacular light fixture. Here are 12 superb examples of gorgeous lighting which doubles … Read More

ICFF 2013 Recap – The Wow, The What and The Not

Beautiful wood furniture, interesting lighting and odd home decor items found and the 2013 International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York.

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Legalized Holiday Snooping

Holidays are a great time for interior research and exploration. If you are visiting others take advantage of this opportunity for some legalized snooping.

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When it Comes to Lighting Less Can be More

Lighting does not have to be overly goopy and dripping with the latest design details to be wonderful. Sometimes simpler is much better.

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Interior Design – Create The Perfect Dining Room 2

With the right table, seating, lighting and floorcovering it is easy to create the perfect dining room.

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Comming Soon – The Designer Light Bulb

Sculptural design revitalizes the old CFL. Thanks to London based Plumen, if we have to view a light bulb it might as well be attractive.

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Green Living, Bad Vinyl, Lighting, Bad Design and Spa Treatment

Yesterday can serve as a reminder that no matter how smart we are as humans we can not predict the future.  With this horrible tragedy fresh in our minds an sorrow in our hearts for those in Japan, I’d like … Read More