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Want To Make Your Patio A Relaxing Paradise?

Here are 3 easy ways to make your patio or backyard space into a relaxing paradise.

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The Zen Modern Outdoor Freestanding Pizza Oven

This freestanding pizza oven from Bella Outdoor is clean, simple and provides a zen modern experience in wood fire outdoor cooking. Read More

Get The Scoop on Zen-Mod Outdoor Living from Mod Design Guru

If you want to achieve a space where you feel at ease and want your friends to linger, create a Zen-MOD outdoor room. Use four elements to make it happen.

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Agents of Cool: 3 Chic Outdoor Covers to Stay Under

Outdoor umbrellas and shades to ensure you not only stay cool but look cool too.

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Outdoor Patio Decor Finds From Etsy

If you are reading design posts you are someone who does not want their living spaces full of the same cookie-cutter objects everyone else has, good for you!

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Get Your Garden Ideas Early!

Garden ideas to incorporate into the garden before one goes to the garden store.

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Get Your Orange Fix Outdoors With Fabric

Orange is the color trend for 2012. An appropriate location for a nice dose of this happy color is outdoors with outdoor fabrics.

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Spring Into Outdoor Rooms

During the month of April we are going to feature posts related to outdoor living. Here are two inspiration rooms to transport you.

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