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How Important is The Right Wall Color In Your Home?

Are you making a common mistake when selecting a wall color? Learn how to get the right color for your home.

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Walls: Are You Afraid Of Color? Here’s The Fix

Here is how to break through the fear of wall color and how to get it right the first time.

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Not Funny: 7 Wall Color Mistakes To Avoid

Here’s a list of the seven common wall color mistakes to avoid. Unfortunately the funny photos are real and from homes currently offered for sale, yikes! Read More

Wave Goodbye To These 5 Design Trends

Interiors are like fashion, it is fun to be in, but not past the expiration date. Enjoy new interior design trends and nix the old. Read More

3 Hurdles to Jump When Selecting a Wall Color

One day while thumbing through a magazine or on a visit somewhere a wall color reaches out to you.  The corners of your mouth curl upwards, design ideas rapidly dart in and out of your brain.  Your heartbeat rises as … Read More

Is Your Wall Color Ruining Your Sleep?

Do you love your bedroom?  Does it invite a happy slumber?  Does it promote feelings of rest and relaxation?  If not, the color could be giving off mixed messages.  It is true, the wrong color in the bedroom could actually … Read More

10 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

A beautifully designed room is easy on the eye and comfortable to be in. Here are ten decorating mistakes which keep a room from being wonderful.

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How To Create Color Palette Success

Great interiors are created thoughtfully. Picking a wall color or any other color “just because” leads to a mess. Using a color key guarantees success.

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Tips on Selecting A Wall Color

You’ve got an idea of what color you want to choose but how do you know before you commit to an entire room?

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