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Top 10 Interior Finds From 2012

Here are the top 10 interior items from 2012 and the corresponding posts which go with them.

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Wallcovering, Wallpaper, What Is What?

There is a wallcovering or wallpaper for almost every wall. Today’s options are much better than the old papers.

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Room Changing Wallcovering Wonderment

Are you looking for something engaging, inviting or just plain marvelous for your walls? Consider one of these touchable wallcoverings by Weitzner Limited.

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Feature Walls – Are They or Aren’t They?

Take a look at the latest feature wall treatment from Dreamwall, the UK’s leading specialist in wallcovering materials. Interior designers love upholstered walls, but are the?

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Wallcovering For Bathrooms

Countless people have wallpaper avoidance issues for residential bathrooms. Given today’s options and technological advancements they are entirely unwarranted.

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