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Take A Stand For Your Health And Stir Up Your Workday

Thanks to an innovative company called Stir, a desk job no longer has to require a chair and can be good for your health.   Stand up desks are the wave of the future for healthy living and a healthy workspace. Stir Kinetic DeskWork is a part of life but is it worth shortening your life expectancy?

Those who sit for 4, 6 or 8 hours a day not only are setting themselves up for physical ailments but are moving towards an early grave.  Sitting all day isn’t good, according to the British Journal of Sports Medicine every 8 hour days spent sitting can take of 2.5 hours off of one’s life expectancy.  Ouch! Stir stand up deskCalled the iPhone of standing desks, the purpose behind the Stir Kinetic desk is people are meant to move.  Movement is healthy which keeps the brain engaged which allows inspiration to flourish.   Interaction with others is more likely while standing.Stir desk touchscreenThe Stir Kinetic desk is not only a workspace it is your friend.  Touch technology allows the desk to be an extension of the user as well as track how much one has spent standing or sitting for a day.  

Watch and learn how this amazing intuitive desk gets to know you and works with you throughout the day.

Standing desks work.  I write this at a standing desk while I walk on a treadmill.  Desperate for any fix for back and neck pain I thought I’d try standing up while I work.  Tight and sore shoulders and neck problems have completely disappeared.   The back, hip and joint pain are also lessening.   This isn’t a fad, so stand up and work.

The new Kinetic desk from Stir allows one to work and take a stand for their health and wellbeing.


Photos via Stir

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6 Responses to Take A Stand For Your Health And Stir Up Your Workday

  1. That is sooo cool. I love it (naturally)!! So thrilled to see the cord management feature too. It’s about time that desk technology evolved. Will be sharing this post with some of the standing desk enthusiasts I now know-

  2. Waay cool huh? This is what a standing desk should be cool, techy and user friendly.

  3. I need one of those!

  4. Aren’t they awesome?

  5. Trevor

    Wow, that is way fancy. I wonder how much they will cost? What desk do you currently use?

  6. Way fancy and way cool. I think their website has pricing. Ha, what desk do I currently use? 3 pieces of 30″ long bamboo flooring which sits perfectly on my Lifefitness treadmill. But if I had to work in an office I would have one of these desks, no question. My back and rear muscles are paying the price of too much sitting, never again. 🙂

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