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Terrific New Design Tool For Tile Projects

custom-blend-tool-by-oceanside-glasstileEver see a mosaic glass tile sample you like, but isn’t in your colors?

Ever have an idea in your head of some glass tile colors you want to use but not sure how they’ll look once they’re combined into a pattern?

Oceanside Glasstile has a new online tile design tool called the Custom Blend Tool, which allows you to mix different color blends and patterns to see exactly how your thoughts translate into reality. It is a visual wow and insanely fun to see exactly how the tile for your next kitchen or bathroom project could look.

Check out Oceanside Glasstile’s Custom Blend Tooloceanside-glasstile-custom-blend-tool

  • pick tile design layout
  • select colors from actual tiles
  • select grout
  • click Create Blend

3-color-tile-blendUsing three colors you can create your own custom stripe.oceanside-glasstile-two-color-blendNot what you had in mind? Simply adjust to two colors and rebuild the layout.

The Custom Blend Tool is easy to use and easy to create simple or complicated tile blends in minutes. You can pin them to a Pinterest Board or email them to yourself, designer or tile store.

Depending on the percentages of a color mix, it is next to impossible to guess what it is going to look like which is why the Custom Blend Tool is so exciting. Plus, what is the first thing we forget about? Grout. So many times we go to the tile store, get a sample then when complete, the tile looks quite different, it is difficult to visualize grout lines, until now.

Watch what happens when we tried a more mod look with a tile design called Swank, which uses four separate tiles.

swank-tile-option-1Option 1 – two tiles in white, one blue, one green, with white grout.

swank-option-2Option 2 – we swapped one white tile for a silver shimmery one, the other white for green and left the other two alone.

swank-option-3Look what happens when we change the grout color. How fabulous would this be in a guy’s shower? Stunning!!!

same-blend-different-patternOr try a less geometric pattern, for the ladies side of the master bathroom.


The Custom Blend Tool Is Habit Forming

Visualization is key for successful interior design projects, unless you are one of many people who aren’t able to visualize. No more trying to guess what tile is going to look like, with the Custom Blend Tool, you can create awesome mosaic tile blends and see exactly what the tile in your dreams will look like.


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