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Test Drives From A Year In Cars

Yes, I titled that right  – it was my year to be “in” cars.  In 2012 I was able to get behind the wheel of some of the most fabulous cars on the planet. My first test drive of the year was in the sleek, but mildly unattractive Ferrari FF.  While the drive was superb, this new four seat, oh let’s just call it what it is: the “grandparent Ferrari” is an interesting four-wheel-drive.  Note, it is not an all-wheel-drive.  Big difference and if you live in the colder climate where tundra driving can occur – the difference is notable.  AWD is better for daily, I’ve got to get somewhere in time driving.

Let me toss it into reverse, the grandparent comment is not mine.  I heard it from more than one Ferrari guy, one was a dealer.  It is a cool car, sexy no, but a superb drive and ride as well as useful, if you have nothing else to spend over $300,000.00 on. 458 collageThen there was the little spin I took in a Ferrari 458 Italia in the summer heat.  The sound, the feel, the power, the handling… I could go on but alas I forgot my checkbook.  The 458 is a worthy drive, dare I say Ferrari is like Porsche, the engine and transmissions just keep improving. Shhh, you can’t see it but, I am wearing a Porsche shirt. While at Pebble Beach I had a disappointing dash in an Aston Martin VantageThen I fell in love, with the new Bentley V8.  I’m not sure if it was the looks, the styling or the first rush of adrenaline when I gently pressed the gas pedal and heard the ravenous growl of what promised to be a powerful delight, that got me.  I still can’t decide.  But oh, the new Bentley Continental GT V8 is like no other car you’ve ever driven.   Bentley red BI can even get over the red B insignia, as red is one of my least favorite colors.  I have to stop, my heart is starting to race.  I love this car!

There were a few others I put through their paces and not written about because not every car is notable, nor is everyone worth commenting about.   Now I am on to 2013 and what am I going to drive in the new year?   (Note to the universe: wish list = Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and most definitely the Bentley Continental GT3.) Lisa sig

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2 Responses to Test Drives From A Year In Cars

  1. Seeing you behind the wheel of the 458 makes me really green with envy. Maybe someday, I’ll be as awesome as you, Lisa! Great post, and beaUtiful rides. Thanks for sharing. It’s so fun watching you play!

  2. You are too kind. What can I say, I like to drive. 🙂

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