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The Butt In The Air Chair

What a hoot!  There are so many pieces of furniture out there it can be hard to imagine a new idea for a chair.  But I’m flipping over these chairs by Peter Harvey.  He calls it the tongue-and-cheek chair a celebration of the fluidity of the tongue.

Too deep for me, I think it looks more like someone naked going into a handstand or a group of people showing their rears, synchronized swimming also comes to mind.  Sorry Peter, it looks like a row of asses in the air!   Which caught my attention.  Can you imagine these at a party, a few cocktails later and the guests will be imitating the chairs.

Love the glass reinforced plastic (GRP), especially in these jazzy colors.  UV stable and smooth.  He is making a limited number of 50 and each piece is signed and numbered – so it is art.  As art, one gets to interpret it how they wish.  How would you interpret it?

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