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The Duh Moment – Kitchens Get An Appliance Wall

Kitchens are the functional hub of a home, it is about time we make them a comfortable working environment.  The consistent trend amongst kitchen appliance and cabinetry companies in Europe is the appliance wall.  Finally, we can make a kitchen user friendly and attractive. 2013-001_02The modern kitchen is all about convenience and ease of use.  Centralizing major cooking appliances in one location, not to mention placing appliances at a comfortable height just makes sense.  New appliance wallDUH!  What have we been doing?  The old school kitchen design method of stacking appliances works better for the kitchen designer than it does for the cook.  It is not comfortable, nor is it safe to bend way over or perch on one’s tiptoes to use an appliance.  Stacking might be a good utilization of space but in practice it is not ergonomically sound for the person using the appliances; one is too high and the other is too low.   DUH!Oster appliance wallBy having the appliances open at the same level as adjoining countertops makes it easy to place items into and out of the ovens.  No more bending over to lift a 12 lb turkey out of the oven.   Maybe we should call this the “back saving kitchen.”

Streamline the look and streamline the effort needed to use kitchen appliances, this is an idea worth implementing. This new appliance wall just makes sense. Lisa sigPhoto credits: Miele and Oster.

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