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The Ferrari Weekend: Vintage, Racing & Sportscar Delights

As promised here is my recap of all things Ferrari from the recent event* in Palm Beach.  Welcome to a gleaming sea of shiny red sportscars.  Warning: put a napkin down, drooling may occur. Decor Girl at WorkThe balmy weather was perfect, not to hot, thanks to a pleasant amount of white poofy clouds racing across the skies throughout the weekend.

From vintage racers and one off touring cars to the latest F12 Berlinetta ( I think we saw six), the streets of Palm Beach were well lit with the distinctive tight revved sound of Ferrari engines.  Ferrari F12Sit back, remember I promised you a double, but out of 575 photos here are just a few to start.

ARRIVALS Ferraris arriving for Cavallino ClassicFerrari FXXFXX sound  It is alway fun to see what is sitting in the parking lot and what arrives amidst it’s own luxury carrier.

TRACK DAY Track day Ferrari 250 GTO & AlfaEach year this event is smaller and smaller.  Coincidentally the Ferrari Challenge event at Daytona was also running the same weekend, but this only accounts for modern cars.  Ferrari 250 TRI’m not sure why the numbers keep dwindling for historic racers, but I was happy to see my favorite TR’s on the track.  This is one gorgeous car, so enticing you just want to pet those distinctive sculpted fenders. Ferrari 250 SWB and 250 GTOI put this photo of the Ferrari 250 SWB and 250 GTO on instagram (@TheDecorGirl) with the caption “Conservatively $60 million of fun.”Ferrari 512 BB

 CONCOURS Ferrari at The BreakersI don’t even brush my hair before we race downstairs  at dawn like children at Christmas to witness the arrivals and placement of cars on the field (refer to picture #1).  1951 Ferrari 212 Export BarchettaFerrari 212 Export VignaleRemember when I suggested staying at The Breakers is a must do?  This is why.  You can get on the field, up close and personal before the crowds arrive.  In between we go back up and change into appropriate concours attire.  

VINTAGE Ferrari 250 loveFrom the coveted spot on the main lawn to the special feature of rare 275 editions these are the I-wish-I-would-have investment cars. 1966 Ferrari. 275 GTB Series II COMP  MODERN  

Ferrari 430 Challenge StradaleGives a whole new meaning to matchy-matchy doesn’t it?  Cars from the last 30 years have a special following and are dominated by the men who dress to match their cars.  

Just wait, I’ve got a great post coming soon of just how crazed men dress to coordinate with their cars, hilarious.  I promise you will laugh your head off unless you are one of those who dons body paint to match your favorite NASCAR team, egads. 

ODDITIES or FERRARI-UGLY  1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 DrogoHow about this 1966 Ferrari 330 GT 2+2 Drogo.  It is the result of a bottle of Limoncello and a cocktail napkin – no kidding, this is how the design came about.  More on this car at a later date.  250 GT Fantuzzi SpecialNo matter how many shows one attends it is always fun when you see something you’ve never seen before.  I’ll let you decide, cool or Ferrari-ugly?  

CLASSIC SPORTS SUNDAY Ferrari Daytona at Mar-A-LagoTechnically this isn’t a Ferrari only event, other makes are well represented in this fun, but exclusive concours event.  Word had it, the event, held at the stunning Mar-A-Lago, was sold out.  The field was bursting with many more exquisite automobiles this year.  Vintage Cars from Mar-A-LagoLisa and vintage BentleyMust have been all those vintage Bentleys… yes I’m partial.  

Numerous vintage marques sparkled under the Florida sun, but the Ferraris were out in force.  Ferrari at Mar-A-LagoThe entire weekend was perfect.  Perfect weather, perfect mix of cars and perfect mix of friends new and old.
Distictive Ferrari noses

Can you name these four vintage Ferraris?


Photos: all are by me unless I’m in them which those are taken by the hubby. 🙂

*You may notice I’m not mentioning the actual name of the event, because the organizer doesn’t see the value in my little blog or social media so I’ll refrain from the plug.

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  1. I do t know a thing about cars, but this looks like a beautiful way to spend the day.

  2. What a cars… great.

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