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The MAKK – Where Design and Art Converge

MAKK, also known as The Museum of Applied Arts Cologne, was founded 125 years ago in Cologne, Germany as the Arts and Crafts Museum.  Today it houses both a permanent collection of everyday objects as art along with poignant special exhibitions.  The point is to view everyday objects in a different context whereby they become art for contemplation. During BlogTour Cologne, we were offered a special tour of the exhibition titled,  “Isn’t It Romantic”, guided by special curator of the exhibit, Tulga Beyerle from Vienna.  Her premise is for the observer to search somewhere between provocation and poetry Unbeknownst to us, as we all clamored for where we could buy these garden boots, these boots are not rubber.  The are the same porcelain which is used to make Delft Tiles.  Something ordinary can be quite beautiful. The purpose of the exhibit is to show a place where one leaves and enters a private world.  What something might appear on the outside, can be very different on the inside.  Romanticism shows the beautiful and the dark.  Objects or concepts are not always perfect. I’ll unveil my ignorance here, I just don’t get it.  This is painter’s and decorative tape on a wall.  The point is one can reposition and make art at will.  OKAY, but I still do not see the point of it in a museum. IMG_1010 To me this was one of the most beautiful pieces in the show.   This sculptural piece of blown glass is a vessel, though there is no opening.  What you are viewing are cremains.  So much more lovely than an urn on the mantel. Following the same premise where death can be beautiful, these are frozen baby mice encased in porcelain.  Ummm, not going to scatter these about on the coffee table.

Art has no right and wrong.  An artist has a concept of vision in mind, if he portrays it and people get it, wonderful.  If not, has it failed?  All those wickedly elaborate concepts people dream up and read into art from those long since passed, are they right or wrong?  Art is what the viewer gets from it.  It may be purely pleasure producing or it may be unsettling.  Art will always make one think, which is a success. Lisa sig

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