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The Must Know Design Color Trend Drifting Towards A Classic

Driftwood The New Trend in Woodwork and FurnitureWood colors and finishes can be a telltale interior datestamps in both a home and on furniture.  We’ve noticed a finish color trend in the last few seasons which is shifting toward being a delightful classic, driftwood.

For the most part, wood is fairly permanent, not something a homeowner is going to change on a whim.  It is crucial to select a wood color which will not leave you screaming “what was I thinking” 10 years down the road.  Not every wood finish can be called a neutral.  Some of the old “trendy” ones are extremely hideous. Dated Kitchen CabinetryRemember the orange red cherry furniture or cabinetry with blackened details of the old days?   Dated wood furnitureHow about the honey blonde glossy mid-century furniture or the brown/black or golden oak browns of yesteryear?  These are exactly what we want to avoid and why driftwood may be your answer.

  • Driftwood isn’t too light or too dark.
  • Driftwood is a completely natural color and bridges the question of beige or gray, it is both.
  • Driftwood showcases the character of the woodgrain, seeing the grain is 75% of the reason to choose wood as a finish.

Driftwood colored floors and wallsGo more grayish or slightly on the blonder side, either of these colors can easily be a grounding neutral.  As a floor it shows the least amount of dirt or dust. Driftwood furniture and lightingDriftwood as a choice for furniture color is easy, mainly because it plays really well with others whether you are a fan of a neutral palate or hot vibrant colors. Driftwood cabinetryIn the kitchen or bath, driftwood cabinetry is stunning.  Dental office with driftwood colored flooringRecently we completed a dental office and one of the favorite finishes from both the owners and clients was the driftwood colored vinyl floor.

When selecting wood flooring, cabinetry wood color or even for important pieces of furniture, the right color can save you a lot of money down the road.  Though it is impossible to predict the future it is good to avoid going too trendy on items which are hard to change.  How do you avoid this?  Driftwood.


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2 Responses to The Must Know Design Color Trend Drifting Towards A Classic

  1. What’s more restful than something that reminds us of unspoiled coastlines and nature? Driftwood toned wood is a nice choice for the dental office, a place that needs to be as calm as possible.

  2. Kim, you are correct, nature is calm,restful does a superb job at creating colors.

    Thank you for stopping by!

    XOXO – Lisa

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