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The Perfect Man Cabinet

Since Father’s Day is right around the corner and I found this great little, okay large, item walking the outskirts of the Kitchen & Bath Show a while back – I figure now is the time to tell you about it.  Looking for the perfect Dad gift?  Let’s make it a Man gift in general being this is also a popular anniversary time of year too and we are forever wondering what to shock surprise them with this year… Whoa ho ho, how about the perfect outdoor kitchen?  It comes in components and with wheels!  How about the man color?

Wait, he’s not a chef?  You would rather eat dirt than something he cooked on the grill, it’d taste much like it anyway… I get it.  He need’s to be kept away from open flame especially since his idea of cooking is, “honey can I put this in the microwave?”

Not to worry, there are two types of men, those who cook and those who drive, on occasion one can be found which has mastered both.  Not to worry. I give you the ultimate in Man gifts, no not the Ferrari, but the (“you’ll never have to get me another gift”) garage cabinets for your favorite car guy.

These incredibly durable and, might I ad, stylish aluminum cabinets are built right here in America by Challenger Cabinets.  They offer an ample selection of colors, however I was told they would also paint to match a car color as well.  I don’t care if the are just garage or kitchen cabinets they have to coordinate!  My only requirement, thank you.

They come in standard cabinet sizes and dimensions in 3″ increments.  They have tall cabinets for closets or short cabinets which can double as a work station or grill cart.  If you need a cabinet for either an outdoor/patio kitchen or garage, Challenger has a cabinet for you.

*Note to husband – Sorry honey, these are not arriving via The Anniversary Fairy.

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