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The Recipe For Using Big Bold Colors In The Home

No need to be weary of using big colors in an interior, all it takes is getting the recipe right.  Big bold colors can be create a happy interior.  Rich or bold colors make a room smile.  Follow along on how-to use big bold colors in an interior.CAH+D photo by Joe Fletcher jeffers_residence_02When using big colors it becomes about how they are used.  Of course one has to start with some type of color key , to allow the colors to make sense to anyone who walks in.  This trick makes a room comfortable.

Next, try to keep color saturation levels equal to where one color is not stronger or weaker than another.  Move colors around the room on walls, furniture, drapery and floors.  Include a big neutral for visual balance.   The tipping point happens when the decorative accessories and artwork are coordinated, not haphazard. using colorInterior designer Jay Jeffers is a master at using big bold colors in a room while making the room still cozy and even romantic.   In this room the color key is the pillow fabric.   The stripe effect on the walls and drapery is genius because it gives the room instant order, which creates comfort.  What helps his colors dance is the quiet and neutral rug on the floor.  He also mimics this deep creamy color on the ceiling… he doesn’t like white ceilings.   Notice how even his books coordinate.  Everything works to result in a fabulous colorful room.

Just like in cooking, with the right ingredients and a good recipe, the results are outstanding.Lisa sigPhoto by Joe Fletcher via California Home + Design

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