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The Statement Chair

One new trend I noticed at High Point was what I will call the statement chair.  Hey, I’m a designer I create things all day long, phrases are just an extension.  This is a chair which because of shape or exuberant use of fabric, embellishment or color, waves “hello” as soon as one enters the room.  This carved teak chair from Noir was just too cool.   Imagine dusting this.  It would be fair to also suggest a statement chair is also a personal choice.  Some may like it, others not so much.  As long as it makes a positive statement to enhance the interior design of a room, all is well.   No reason a statement chair can’t sit at the dining table. The C.R. Laine showroom was stocked full of energetic brights.  Big bold patterns were out in storm, no reason to slink in the background with boring beige. Nailheads, leather and color… oh, my!  When deciding on a statement chair for your home decor, it is good to be mindful of just what type of statement one wants to make. 🙂 

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